Volunteer registration

Advantages of volunteer opportunities

  • Receive a Certificate of Appreciation shown on Absher Platform
  • Receive a Certificate of Appreciation from the Saudi Games Management
  • Provide Daily Meals/Snacks during the Volunteering hours
  • Obtain Experience from the Saudi Games Team Member
  • Provide the needed support to get the job done based on the need of each Volunteering opportunity

Terms and Conditions

  • The Saudi Games will not provide any Monetary Incentives
  • If the Volunteer accept the terms and conditions, it will considered as a commitment between the two parties
  • The notice period for volunteers’ withdrawal is 3 days before the withdrawal date
  • Maintain confidentiality of data and information related to Saudi games and not disclose it
  • The Volunteer will Pledge to the Islamic and social values and follow the regulations and guidelines of the Saudi Games based on the internal policies
  • Not to disclose or publish any information in any media without obtaining permission from the Saudi Games Administration